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Machinery Manufacturing and its Automation
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1.Introduction discipline

    This subject is the key discipline of national ministry of construction. The research features is Engineering ceramics parts structure optimization and the processing and manufacturing as the center topic. At the same time, the technology of CAD/CAM, CNC, robot intelligent control, new energy conversion and utilization of the related theory and key technology are studied. The subject is training many talents of high-level technical for our country. The Laboratory is the key laboratories of provincial and ministerial. The discipline has a strong teaching staff in teaching and scientific research, scientific research direction stability. The discipline teachers in both theory and practice has achieved fruitful results, with 17 works, including 6 monograph, published more than three hundred papers at some important journals of home and abroad. Since 1990, the subject established academic links with the United States, Japan, Sweden and other countries universities. Now it undertake more than 20 research projects, including 4 national and the various departments of the state council projects, 3 national natural fund project, 9 natural funded projects in Liaoning province, 18 provincial funded projects. 7 research projects were received national and Liaoning Province, the Ministry of Science and Technology Progress Award, won a total of seven patents. It have passed the provincial science and technology commission to identify four research results, comments to the international advanced level. Research results obtained the second prize of 2005 National Science and Technology Progress Award, 2003 Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Progress first award, the first prize of 1999 Liaoning Provincial Department of Science award, provincial Science Technology Progress second prize and Shenyang Science Technology Progress second prize. Currently, we being applied to the ceramic bearing to CNC machine high-speed spindle system in order to improve the machining precision of machine tools. The results to fill the domestic blank, reached the international advanced level.

2. Teaching and research facilities

    This discipline has four laboratories, covers an area of 2000 square meters. It has a strong processing capacity and experimentation, analysis, testing equipment. Now has many Equipment with international advanced level, including CNC machining center, CNC lathe, developed by PLC closed-loop feedback control variable speed grinding equipment and fill the blank of laboratory equipment, research the necessary of various measuring instruments and test data analysis system. The direction of the equipment condition and the research ability has reached domestic advanced level. The subject also with many universities and research at home and abroad, production units established the stable cooperation relations, mutually provide experiment conditions.


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