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Vehicle Engineering
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1.Introduction discipline

   Vehicle engineering is under the level 1 discipline of mechanical engineering disciplines. This subject mainly involve vehicles, power, control, information, energy and other fields, has the characteristics of multidisciplinary cross.This subject is mainly engaged in automobile theory and design method, fault diagnosis and new energy technology research and training in the theory of vehicle design and development, production, quality inspection and control of the senior engineering and technical personnel.Vehicle engineering discipline depends on the key laboratory of mechanical and electrical engineering, with traction chassis, engine, fuel cell, such as laboratory, provides a basic condition for the research of vehicle engineering discipline.This discipline devoted to the study of construction engineering vehicle dynamics analysis, simulation and intelligent optimization algorithms, fuel cell design and application in transport, introduce the robot intelligent control engineering vehicles, based on the fuzzy intelligent reasoning and artificial neural network identification technology of construction engineering study on system operation state of the vehicle.

Vehicle engineering discipline is stable, reasonable structure of the teaching and scientific research team. The subject teachers in the aspect of theory and practice have made more progress, published more than two hundred papers at home and abroad, won the national patent 6, at present carries more than a dozen countries, Bu Sheng Ji research topic, five scientific research by the government of Liao Ning province, Shen

yang municipal government, the scientific and technological progress second prize. In Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries cooperation between university research work.

2.Teaching and research facilities

    This subject structure of the existing 1480 square meters laboratory, including chassis traction laboratories, engineering machinery, hydraulic servo control laboratory, laboratory fuel cell lab, signal analysis and test lab, ascending and logistics technology research institute, etc. With the installation of electro hydraulic servo loading, random signal and vibration analysis of test instrument, the engine failure, signal analyzer, PT pump and other equipment.

The discipline construction mechanization sorting with China construction science research institute, an shan, sea group, safety science research institute of Liao Ning province, city vehicle test center of Liao Ning province, Liao Ning province machinery research institute has established long-term cooperative relations, Shen yang construction machinery factory, for training graduate students to provide good research conditions.


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