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Machine Design and its Theory
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1.Introduction discipline  

    The discipline of mechanical engineering and logistics warehousing equipment as the main object to modern design methods applied in construction machinery as the main research specialties, emphasizing the sense of innovation, finding the optimal solutions and parameters, multivariate optimization. Modern design theory such as intelligent computer-aided design, finite element analysis, computer simulation, optimization design theory in mechanical engineering design. According to the characteristics of the engineering machinery design, we should to research the method to solve the problem, and apply to the design.From the system point of view, through the information transmission and processing, the mechanical parts and electronic parts combine to achieve overall optimization of the system or product integrated technology. In engineering machinery design and upgrading, namely in the institutions of the main function, dynamic function, information processing function and control function introduce microelectronics technology and computer technology to achieve mechanical and electrical integration, make the products become smarter, computerized, make an organic combination of mechanical and electronic, comprehensive technology to achieve optimum system or product as a whole. The subject has a stable solid, strong teaching and scientific research team, stable research direction.The subject teachers in both theory and practice has achieved fruitful results, published monograph 5 units, both at home and abroad, published 320 academic theses, 6 national patents.Currently responsible for more than 30 countries, BuShengJi scientific research topic.Seven scientific research achievements by government in liaoning province, shenyang municipal government, the scientific and technological progress second prize.With the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany and Canada and other countries of the university and scientific research institutes to establish a connection.

2.Teaching and research facilities

    This subject existing 1480 square meters structure of laboratory, including engineering machinery, hydraulic servo control laboratory, laboratory signal analysis and testing laboratory, ascending and logistics technology research institute, etc.With the installation of electrohydraulic servo loading, random signal and vibration analysis of test instrument, the engine failure, signal analyzer, PT pump and other equipment.The discipline construction with China construction science research institute mechanization sorting, northeast university school of mechanical engineering and automation, safety science research institute of liaoning province, liaoning province construction machinery testing center, machinery research institute of liaoning province, shenyang construction machinery factory, has established long-termcooperative relations, for training graduate students to provide good research conditions.


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